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Discover 28 promenades 
in the city and outside Stockholm.

LITTLE PROMENADE  will be your guide to discover some well-known, original, short or long walks.
Look at the map below to find a promenade and access a detailed page. All you need to get started you will find there. Have a nice walk!


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Promenade #1

Gamla stan - Riddarholmen

With this original track, unlike the usual tourist streets, you will discover Stockholm old town, Gamla Stan, and its essentials monuments.
If you have a chance to walk in an early morning you will definitely enjoy a peaceful promenade and at the same time experience Stockholm history.


Promenade #2

Södermalm: Monteliusvägen - Skinnarviksberget

This promenade will bring you to the top of the hills of the north west of the Island of Södermalm. You will follow Monteliusvägen which will give you an amazing view of Gamla Stan and Stadshuset, Stockholm city hall.
In the evening you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on top of Skinnarviksberget.


Promenade #3

Södermalm: Tantolunden - Årstaviken

The island of Södermalm has a lot of allotment gardens with small houses and blooming gardens. Discover some of them in Tantolunden and on the south west of Södermalm.
This promenad is ideal from spring to autumn to enjoy the small gardens.


Promenade #4


A promenade on the island of Skeppholmen is the perfect way to have a view of Gamla Stan, Södermalm and Djurgården at the same time, since the island is situated in the centre of the city.
This island is connected by boat and a really peaceful area in the heart of Stockholm.


Promenade #5

Östermalm: Strandvägen - Djurgårdsstaden

Pass the most exclusive avenue of Stockholm, Strandvägen, and the museums on the Djurgården island.
This promenade will offer you a large diversity of architecture and boats to discover.
Take the opportunity to see the small and historical shipyard at the island of Beckholmen.


Promenade #6

Kungsholmen: Stadhuset - Norr Mälarstrand - Västerbron

Along bridges, parks, and the quayside you will have a perfect view of the island of Södermalm and have a chance visit Stockholm city hall, Stadhuset
Have a break on the way and enjoy the breeze and admire ducks and swans.


Promenade #7

Södermalm: Katarinavägen - Kvastmakartrappan

The north east of Södermalm will offer you a mix between the modern and the old city. From the hills you will have a nice view of Gamla Stan, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården.
Try this promenade during winter and you will experience Stockholm covered in ice and snow.


Promenade #8


Small beaches, woods, old houses, allotment gardens, historical monuments, hills with a view of Stockholm, the island of Långholmen has all this to discover in one place. This is an amazing and informative promenade.
During spring and summer you can also see the beautiful wooden boats along the quayside.
Best of all, this promenade is just a few steps away from the heart of the city.


Promenade #9

Kungsholmen: Marieberg - Fredhäll

Walking in the hills of the south west of Kungsholmen will give you fantastic views of the islands of Långholmen, Lilla Essingen and Stora Essingen.
If you want some good exercise or if you feel a bit adventurous, take the dotted track of the map and follow a small path.


Promenade #10

Ulriksdals slott

This promenade is a walk along the sea and small woods. It will bring to you the historical castle of Ulriksdal and its beautiful park.
The different seasons has their charm and will offer different colours and sceneries. This walk is suitable any time of the year.


Promenade #11


If you are looking for a small and easy promenade, a walk around Reimersholme is the perfect choice. It is ideal for a morning or evening walk to refresh your mind.
You can also enjoy a small picnic in the beautiful sunshine.


Promenade #12


Follow this wild path in the woods and along the water with an amazing view of the island of Stora Essingen.
On your way you will find Solviksbadet, a nice and relaxed swimming spot along Mälaren.


Promenade #13

Stora Essingen

Little parks, hills with a view over the water, nice residencial streets - the diversity and charm that you will be able to find during a walk around the island of Stora Essingen. It is a walk that is easily accessible from the centre of Stockholm. Here you will experience a different part of the city.


Promenade #14

Gröndal - Lilla Essingen

This promenade will probably please walking enthusiasts who prefer longer tracks. During the promenade you will pass Liljeholmensviken, Gröndal, Lilla Essingen and other places.
The track is also divided into smaller parts that you can take separately.


Promenade #15


Walk around the lake of Långsjön and enjoy various cosy little jetties along the way.
A relaxed walk you can do on a sunny Sunday especially during autumn.


Promenade #16

Nacka: Kvarnholmen - Nacka Strand

This promenade will not only offer you a nice view of the island of Djurgården, you also have a chance to discover the beautiful building of Danvikens hospital, new residential areas on the water and the famous statue "God, our father, on the rainbow" made by the famous Swedish sculptor Carl Milles. A very refreshing urban promenade.


Promenade #17


Enjoy with this promenade in the area of Djursholm with an unexpected and charming mix of beautiful and luxurious houses, a botanical park and paths along the bay.
During winter you will be able to see beautiful colours with the sun and the sky reflected on the ice.
This promenade can be splitted in two parts if you want.


Promenade #18

Lidingö: Mölna - Kappsta

Simple and refreshing, with flowers during spring and colourful during autumn, this promenade in the south of Lidingö is a good choice if you want to discover new surroundings.


Promenade #19

Nacka: Sicklasjön - Järlasjön

Here you can take a walk along two of the biggest lakes in Nacka: Sicklasjön och Järlasjön. At the same time you will discover the residential area with buildings and houses along the lake.


Promenade #20

Nacka: Nyckelviken

Here you will enjoy the nature reserve of Nyckelviken. Views from the hills, woods and small beaches along on your way.
Make a visit to Nyckelsviken Herrgård with its cosy farm and café.


Promenade #21


Discover a landscape with its lake, rocks and woods which have been shaped during thousands of years during the ice age.
During your walk you will find some information boards telling you about the history and the formation of this nature reserve.
This promenade is easy to access from the subway station.


Promenade #22

Saltsjö-boo: Boo - Boo gård

Follow a narrow path close to the water along the Lännersta strait in Saltsjö-Boo. Explore adventurous paths and beautiful, small and charming private jetties. Discover the beautiful colours of the trees in the autumn and the area considered the gateway to the islands in the archipelago.


Promenade #23

Skogsö naturreservat

This track in Skogsö nature reserve will offer you a unique mix of wild nature, monuments and history. Follow the paths and walk through the beautiful Skogsö cemetery and witness the monument of the Stäket battle on the hill.


Promenade #24

Lidingö: Bosön

This short promenade will bring you across the beautiful wood of Bosön along the water. Discover on your way, behind some trees, the nice houses of the Dalakolonin and find great spots for enjoying a picknick or swimming.


Promenade #25


Castle, marina, cafés, a small farm and a new residential area: enjoy a wide variety of different and beautiful spots along this very accessible and peaceful track.


Promenade #26

Saltsjö-boo: Glasbrukssjön

If you are looking for a long walk in a small forest, this promenade is going to match your expectation. Enjoy a very quiet moment among lakes and woods.
During autumn and winter you will be able to discover the beautiful and colorful landscapes sometimes covered in ice and snow.


Promenade #27

Djurgården: Waldemarsudde - Blockhusudden

Djurgården is one of the most popular islands in the heart of Stockholm. If you follow this southside track you will discover other secrets of the island. As a bonus it will offer you nice views of Södermalm and Nacka across the water.
This walk can also be shortened if you use the alternative tracks suggested on the map.


Promenade #28


Saltsjöbaden offers a nice walk along the water, in front of the sea. On your way you will pass the beautiful, old church of Epiphany, Uppenbarelsekyrkan, some large villas and the famous and historical Grand Hotel.
This is a walk we can recommend any time of the year, bringing you a different atmosphere every season.